Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Distractions

Ian Renner of Connecticut is a professional set designer and artist who has been working in the field for many years now, generating lots of waves in the industry. As an artist Ian can tell you first hand that he works long term on many large projects that can consume much of your physical and psychological energy, especially from an artists perspective. Ian says that it is during times like these however that you must remain fastidious, powering through to get the work done with little to no qualms. Ian says that the most challenging part about getting your work done for an artist is all of the distractions that exist, especially in the internet dominated world of today. Now more than ever distraction is simply one Google search away, which prevents many from functioning properly in the work place. This is especially an issue when you are an artist, as you are more susceptible to distraction because much of your work is based on emotional involvement, which is something that you simply cannot really fake. That is why it is so important as an artist to remain focused and anticipate any possible distractions that may arise, then circumvent those issues. Ian says that by planning ahead you can prevent many of the distractions that arise on a daily basis. 

Ian Renner of Connecticut says that distractions are like traps, but that they can only be activated if you are not attentive and wary of your surroundings. Ian says that if you take preventative measures you can prevent yourself from falling into the loop of distraction that prevents you from being productive. Ian says that once you can learn how to free yourself from distraction, you can do well.

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