Friday, 24 April 2015

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Eating Properly

Ian Renner of Connecticut has competed in several lifting competitions, both local and foreign. In order to maintain such a rigorous and demanding schedule, Ian says that a thorough understanding of nutrition and diet is essential to success. A firm believer in the natural, Ian does not use many of the popular scientifically formulated protein powders, bars, shakes, and other nutritional short cuts. Ian says the best way to pack on healthy weight, and to maintain high levels of energy is to do it the way nature intended. Ian says that performance aids such as creatine and other enhancers are simply short cuts for weight lifters, short cuts that only provide temporary gains. Ian says that in order for you to maintain the muscle mass and energy output for long periods of time, you simply must practice good eating and exercise habits.

Ian Renner of Connecticut is a lover of nature, and as one, he trusts in nature to provide everything he needs for a healthy diet. That is why Ian makes it a point to steer away from genetically modified or steroid assisted foods. Ian also says it is vital to stay away from prepackaged foods that are loaded down with preservatives and other unhealthy chemicals meant to make the food pleasing to the eye. Ian instead opts for free range, farm raised chicken or beef, and says that organic food is always the most nourishing. Ian's high demand diet needs plenty of protein, that is why he also consumes massive amount of soy, yogurt, cheeses, and milks. Ian says it is just as important to find organic dairy products as it is for meats. Ian says by following the simple guideline of, “If I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't eat it.” that you will be well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.

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