Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ian Renner of Connecticut - Having Endurance

Ian Renner of Connecticut has been a set designer and artist in Hollywood for many years now, growing personally and professionally in the process. Ian says that being an artist is something that is usually very glamourized, especially in Hollywood. The reality of the matter is that it can actually be quite difficult to complete a project for a number of reasons, including several mitigating factors. He says that one of the best traits that an artist can have is surprisingly not talent, but patience, because artistry requires a certain emotional endurance that others do not really understand. Ian says that having endurance and doing what needs to be done within the proper time constraint can actually be quite challenging both personally and professionally. Ian says that often, especially on larger scale projects, an artist has been staring at the same work for so long that he has lost his passion and drive for it, as well as all the propellant that kept moving him or her forward. Ian says that it is during this time that you have to reassess yourself, getting back on a singular track and staying focused. Even though you may be emotionally exhausted, you have to continue trudging forward and get the project done no matter the cost. Ian says that this can sometimes be difficult because of the emotional involvement that often occurs with writers.

Ian Renner of Connecticut says that true artists are ones that can not only produce consistent and quality work, but can carry through and finish it in a timely manner. He says that this is the professional side of artistry that very few, if any people talk about. He says this is what makes or breaks an artist, how long they are willing to stick with a project and see it through to the end.

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