Friday, 12 June 2015

Hassle Free Moving

Human beings are creatures of habit, and thus don’t like it when their surrounding has to change. But change is necessary for growth, and one of the biggest changes you can experience in life is moving to a new location. Moving can be daunting, but when adequately planned for, can be performed devoid of hassle and challenges.

Depending on your stage in life (starting college or established in a career/family life), you may have grown attached to items that require to be dealt with before moving. Consider giving them to charity, family, friends, or selling them on eBay (if they are worth something). When moving to a new location, traveling light is necessary.

Keeping things organized as you approach the big day is encouraged. As you contemplate what to keep and what to give away, have packing boxes handy to separate items. Writing down a list of the necessary things to carry along helps keep your efforts focused and results-oriented. You can feel like it’s a daunting task, but having such a list will be of benefit when you arrive at your destination and have the advantage of knowing what items to add. 

In the days before you hit the road (or skies), engage the help of family and friends in packing. You will feel less pressure when you have people helping, plus it prepares them psychologically to the fact that you are relocating to a new place. 

Ian Renner Connecticut moved to Hollywood in his early twenties to pursue his dream of working in the film and television industry. Making the move was daunting, but an organized approach helped make the process easy and fast.

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