Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ian Renner from Connecticut - Staying Committed

Lack of motivation is probably the most common cause of waning commitment. Connecticut native, Ian Renner says that what distinguishes your commitment is your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the project gets done. 

The first step is always admitting your downfalls. You must be able to admit that you have a commitment issue at present so that you can go about finding different ways to get them taken care of. 

Set goals and work at the. When you have things to look forward to on the horizon, it becomes a lot easier to carry out your daily activities and increase productivity.

 Make your commitment public and keep in touch with your accountability partner on a regular basis. When we try to keep ourselves accountable, it’s safe to say that about 70% of the time we fail.
Take breaks from your work. When you are exhausted, you experience burn out and lose your sense of commitment. Take breaks to clear your head and keep your spirit strong. 

Congratulate yourself! When you meet your goals treat them as a milestone and celebrate. When you feel good and happy about your accomplishments you are more likely to stay committed and do your best to make the present project exceptional. 

Ian Renner Connecticut has seen some of the best and most talented artists fail because they were not committed to getting the job done. He shares that in the world of set design in Hollywood, it is not just the most talented artists that survive, but the ambitious and committed as well.

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